Episode Trivia


Guest stars Eric Pierpoint and Gary Graham co-starred on the Alien Nation sci-fi series. That series dealt with the relationships between aliens and humans in a futuristic society, including the non-human prejudices. Gary Graham was a human police detective with Eric Pierpoint as his alien partner.

Why are T'Pol and Trip so amazed when they learn Vulcans and Humans can interbreed? They've already learned about that in "EČ".
Paxton makes a big deal about calling the baby an "it", even in private, but in "Demons" he easily and casually referred to it as a "she".
Kelby says he signed the maintenance team log, but he wasn't on the team. So why was his name on the log? Or why did the traitor put Kelby's name on the log if he wasn't part of the team? If he was trying to frame Kelby, it wouldn't work since the other team members could verify Kelby wasn't on the team.
As they land on Mars, Malcolm says it is his 32nd planet. Phlox does him one better by saying it's his 248th.

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