Episode Trivia


Even if memories were genetic as Phlox claims they are (and, as stated before, they most certainly are not) other clones in the Star Trek universe, most notibly Picard's clone, Shinzon from Star Trek: Nemesis, do not retain memories of the person they were cloned from.

While testing the modified phase weapons, Lt Reed mentioned an input value in megajoules. He then ordered the "power" to be raised, but still quoted a value in megajoules. Joules are not a measure of power, but a measure of energy. Power is the rate of dissipation of energy and is measured in watts or, at the power levels that Reed was providing, megawatts.
There's a remarkable similarity between this episode - and in particular Sim and Archer's conversation - and the Voyager episode "Tuvix".
If Phlox can grow a clone of Trip to help save his life, why couldn't he do the same to save Archer in "Twilight" or any other time someone got/gets hurt. He could have even have used the Xindi DNA sample they have to create a living Xindi to study which would help on their mission, but he doesn't.
As mentioned in a previous goof, the writers think memories are genetic so Sim has all of Trip's memories. At one point Sim says that the most terrible thing he can imagine would be being trapped in a Shuttlepod with Reed, yet that's exactly what happened in "Shuttlepod One", which he should remember.

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