Episode Quotes


Archer: "We don't have the luxury of being safe or cautious any more!"
Archer: "Let's hope this "little anomaly" doesn't last any longer than the others did."
Phlox: "I'm certain, with your delicate guidance... "
T'Pol: ""Delicate" is not a word I associate with mister Tucker."
Reed: "We should have worn EV suits."
Archer: "The doctor said it was safe for short periods."
Reed: "He called this!. I've been in... Cough! Cough! Cough!"
Archer: "Try not to breathe."
Reed: "Cough! Cough! Yes, Sir."
T'Pol: "It's nearly eighty million kilometers long. It was a planet."
Archer: "Takes on a whole new meaning, when it comes from..."
Xindi: "... a dozen different species. 31, to be exact."
T'Pol: "Please, disrobe. "
Tucker: "I'm... I, I'm really flattered, Subcommander, and, and don't think under different circumstances I, I, I wouldn't jump at the chance to... "
T'Pol: "Are you implying I'm making sexual advances? "
Tucker: "No. No. No. No. Not at all! I... I was just... You see... The doctor gave me the sedative and I... think it's starting to work. "

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