Episode Quotes


Ramirez: "What the hell was that all about?"
Archer: "
A Klingon named Duras. He's not very fond of me."
Reed: "Photonic torpedoes! Their range is over 50 times greater than our conventional torpedoes, and they have a variable yield. They can knock the comm array off a shuttlepod without scratching the hull, or they can put a three-kilometre crater into an asteroid."
Soval: "There have been reports of fierce and dangerous species, unexplained anomalies, in some regions even the laws of physics don't apply. Twenty years ago a Klingon vessel emerged from the expanse: every crewman on board had been anatomically inverted, their bodies splayed open, and they were still alive. You'd be more than foolish to pursue this course of action."
Tucker: "How's Porthos holding on? If no people returned from the Delphic Expanse, I doubt any dogs have"
Archer: "
He must be doing better than we are. He's fast asleep."
Tucker: "To Henry Archer. I wonder what he would have thought if he knew his engine was gonna help save the human race."
Archer: "When I got this job, commanding the first warp flight ship was about as big a responsibility as I could have imagined. Then we began running into so many... bad guys, and I had to start thinking more about the safety of 83 people."
Tucker: "And now the stakes have gotten a lot bigger."
Duras: "Surrender, or be destroyed!"
Archer: "
Go to hell!"

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