Episode Trivia

During the movie, T'Pol takes some popcorn from Archer's bowl and eats it. This is certainly out of character for her, as in "Broken Bow" she explains that Vulcans do not touch their food with their hands.
During Ensign Mayweather's conversation with Nora in his old quarters on board the ECS Horizon, a copy of "Chicago Gangs" can be seen on a bookshelf in the background.
This was an homage meant to reference the TOS episode "A Piece of the Action", in which a book with a similar title ("Chicago Mobs of the Twenties") was left on a planet by crewmembers of the USS Horizon.
Nicole Forester previously played a dabo girl (in Julian Bashir's mind) in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Distant Voices".
Before Ensign Mayweather leaves Enterprise to visit the Horizon, Commander Tucker gives him a PADD (?) showing all the pictures he has taken since leaving spacedock.
  However, they do not include pictures of Archer that Trip took in "Rogue Planet".
Also, a picture that the engineer took in "Strange New World" - of the captain standing in front of several officers, including T'Pol, while visiting a planet that would later be named Archer IV ("In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II") - is seen in this episode with Archer in a completely different pose and with no crew members behind him.

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