Episode Quotes

Tucker: "The Vulcan database says no one leaves this club unhappy."
Reed: "How would the Vulcans know? They only mate once every seven years!"
Tucker: "That's what they say."
T'Pol: "Why didn't you let them finish treating you on the surface?"
Maywather: "Have you ever been to an alien hospital?"
T'Pol: "Yes, in San Francisco."
Reed: "Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Now, she's interesting!"
Tucker: "I don't think 'she' is the right pronoun."
Tucker: "If you wanted to have a cultural dialogue, you should have gone with Hoshi!"
Archer: "Just looking at the stars."
Keyla: "Don't you get enough of that on your ship?"
Archer: "Hm! Never!"
Keyla: "You're a long way from home."
Archer: "Actually, this is the farthest any of my people have ever gone."
Tucker: "Gorgeous aliens!!! Don't forget they were gorgeous!"
Reed: "They were male!!!"
Tucker: "Not at first!!!"
T'Pol: "You should return to your quarters."
Phlox: "Ooh, I appreciate the offer, but it would be best to keep our relationship professional."
Tucker: "What about you, Hoshi? Do anything constructive?"
Sato: "As a matter of fact, I learned... several new conjugations."

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