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News ImageGerman Fans: Pre-order ENT Season 4 Blu-rays Mar 27, 2014
Fans in Germany can finally pre-order the fourth and final season of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-ray over at The set is scheduled for release on May 8th. Pre-order your copy today!

News ImageU.K. Preorder for ENTERPRISE Season 4 Blu-ray! Feb 25, 2014
Fans in the UK can finally pre-order Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 4 on Blu-ray from The set will be released in the UK on April 14th and is set to include the largest selection of bonus features so far! Head on over to Amazon UK today to pre-order your copy!

News ImageENT S4 Blu-ray Release Date Pushed to April 29 Feb 16, 2014
CBS announced today that the Season Four release of "Star Trek: Enterprise" on Blu-ray has been pushed out to April 29, from the previously-announced April 1 street date. This is likely a move meant to even out the Trek release dates, as the following Blu-ray set -- TNG Season 6 -- is expected around June.

News ImageSALE: Enterprise S2 Blu-ray Set Down to $59.99! Jan 28, 2014
The "Star Trek: Enterprise" Season 2 Blu-ray set is down to just $59.99, the cheapest price yet on Amazon's US store! This discount won't last long, so grab it while you still can -- and use our link to help support TrekCore!

News ImageGerman Fans: Pre-order ENT Season 3 Blu-rays Jan 20, 2014
Fans in Germany can now pre-order the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-ray. It's set to hit shelves in Deutschland on March 6th, but you can order it right now from! Follow the link to get yours...

News ImageFull Details on "Enterprise" Season 4 Blu-ray Set Jan 17, 2014
Season Three of "Star Trek: Enterprise" has barely arrived and we've already received the full breakdown on all the upcoming special features and behind-the-scenes exclusives coming to the Season Four set this April -- several brand-new audio commentaries, documentary features, and more!

News ImageENT S4 Blu-ray News Roundup & Trailer Downloads Dec 26, 2013
We've got some updates from around the web about the "Star Trek: Enterprise" Season Four Blu-ray release coming in April, including details on why showrunner Manny Coto was missing from the teased Writer's Reunion feature -- plus, HD downloads of the Season Four trailer!

News ImagePreorder the Complete ENTERPRISE Blu-ray Set! Dec 25, 2013
For those of you who have been waiting to purchase "Star Trek: Enterprise" on Blu-ray until the entire series was available, your day has come! Amazon has just listed a Blu-ray four-pack of the entire run of "Enterprise," coming on April 1 -- it's currently listed at $257.59, which works out to about $64/season. As far as we know, this four-pack is just the current Blu-ray sets in one full order (just as the TOS Blu-ray sets have been packaged for the last few years), so there's no extra content expected at this time... but we'll let you know if that changes!

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